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Adventure Park

Adventure Park, the spot of adrenaline and adventure at Anda Barut Collection, combines games, entertainment and sports.

An exceptional realm with fun and creative experiences

Designed for game-, entertainment- and sports-oriented experiences, Adventure Park will sure to become one of the places you will visit most during your vacation. Games, slides, amusement parks, carnival area, sports fields, water sports, mini club and much more... They have all been designed delicately for the guests of Anda Barut Collection.

It combines fun, adrenaline and action in touch with the miraculous nature of Anda Barut Collection. Built on an extremely large area, Adventure Park promises an energetic vacation packed with fun activities in touch with lush nature.


Working Hours

  • Aquapark: 10:00-12:00 - 14:00-17:00
  • Funpark: 20:00 - 22:00



  • Tower
  • Cobra
  • Waterslide pool
  • Waterslide garden
  • Kamikaze
  • King Cobra
  • Combination of Black Hole and Flying Boats
  • Navigatour and Sphere Combination
  • Body Slide
  • Aquatube
  • Body Slide and Kamikaze Combination
  • Looping Rocket
  • Water Play Unit B08
  • Spray Park
  • Aqua Tower
  • Family Pool
  • Children's Pool

Carnival Area

  • Circle
  • Playground
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Bumper Cars
  • Samba Balloon
  • Mini Rollercoaster - Apple Worm
  • Trampoline
  • Amphitheater
  • Activity Area

Sports Fields

  • Basketball Court 
  • Tennis Court 1
  • Tennis Court 2
  • Mini Football Field

Mini Club

  • Lol Club
  • Kid's Garden
  • Restaurant
  • Lactation Room


King Cobra

Hosting a range of exciting moments, King Cobra provides our guests with an unforgettable waterslide experience. Both those who slide down and those who watch get to be part of this unique entertainment. Over the years, this slide has consistently been awarded "Europe's Best Water Slide," thanks to its enjoyable theme, unique design, vibrant colors, and exceptional course, making it one of the most visited spots during the vacation.



  • It stands at a towering 5 stories high, slightly longer than the titanoboa, the world's longest snake (the extinct titanoboa was approximately 13 meters long). 
  •  Adrenaline index is 5 out of 5. 
  •  A real competitive water slide. 
  •  Assembling 377 puzzle pieces is necessary to set up this magnificent waterslide. 
  •  It has been honored with the "Europe's Best Water Slide" award for 12 consecutive years.
  •  It is the world's first themed water slide with a direct fiberglass design (holding an international patent).
Black Hole and Flying Boats Combination

Combo Slide

One of the fun experiences at Anda Barut Collection, Combo Waterslides offer multiple sliding experiences in one go. Get ready for racing, excitement, and more fun all in one ride.

Black Hole

One of our most popular waterslides, the Black Hole provides a unique experience with its special design and thrilling course. The natural effects of the Black Hole, a closed-tube slide, create a wonderful visual harmony with the water inside, while offering an unforgettable visual spectacle to those who slide down at high speed. Be prepared for enchanting light effects, surprise turns, and exciting moments at every turn.

Flying Boats

 Get ready to be surprised and have fun with the Flying Boats, which provide our guests with moments full of surprises. Up, down, and just when you think it's all over, surprises await you. Discover speed, adrenaline, and endless fun.

Navigatour and Sphere Combination


Are you ready for an extraordinary experience inspired by the rollarcoaster for a more thrilling experience? With Navigatour, you'll start your enjoyable journey right from the poolside without climbing the tower.


Consisting of several smaller spherical shapes and a tunnel slide section, Sphere offers a pleasant sliding experience due to its geometric shape. With its colorful theme, unique design, and fast course, it provides a unique entertainment.


If you want to experience a short but fast slide, Aquatube is perfect for you. Aquatube will enchant you with visual and sound effects in a short but exhilarating whirlwind of excitement.


Adrenaline, excitement, speed, and thrill all in one... Surrender yourself to the fun waters with Kamikaze, one of the most colorful experiences of your vacation. During your fast and enjoyable journey, you will experience the feeling of falling several times and end the fun with a smooth and safe landing.

Body Slide and Kamikaze Combination
Body Slide and Kamikaze Combination

The course consisting of Body Slide and Kamikaze, which offers unlimited excitement in Anda Barut Collection's colorful and fun world, will host unforgettable moments.

Body Slide
Body Slide

An adrenaline-filled sliding experience awaits you with Body Slide, offering colorful fun in the unknown. Enjoy the exciting moments on a long slide in the dark.

Looping Rocket
Looping Rocket

 With its unique entry technology, this rocket-shaped waterslide offers fast and high-adrenaline moments. Release yourself and get ready for the fastest drop you've ever experienced.

Water Play Structure B08

The Water Play Unit, where children can move, play, and explore safely, offers a world of games and fun to children. Consisting of various fun sections such as tipping buckets, slides, climbing nets, and high-pressure water, the Water Play Unit hosts a variety of enjoyable moments.

Water Play Structure B08
Are you ready for a modern and luxurious vacation with unlimited privileges in Didim?

With large living spaces, fantastic architecture, gourmet restaurants, private pools and playgrounds, Anda Barut Collection is waiting for you to enjoy the attention it pays to make everything at your fingertips.

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