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A rich-blue vacation experience in one of the most precious bays in the Aegean

A rich-blue vacation in a private bay for you
Located in a unique bay on Delice Peninsula, Didim nestling beautifully on the rich-blue Aegean coast, the private beach creates a zone of pleasure thanks to its stylish design. Enjoy the sun, refreshing drinks, new experiences and the fantastic beauty of the Aegean.
An excellent pool experience
With a total of 5 different pools located in the adult, family and community zones of Anda Barut Collection, you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Filled with sea or fresh water, private pools of different sizes offer a delightful, peaceful and rich-blue vacation experience to all our guests.
Complete pool enjoyment in indoor pools
A complete pool pleasure awaits you in the heated indoor pools designed separately for children and adults. Immerse yourself in the deep blue waters of the special heated indoor pools that are anytime available at Anda Barut Collection.
The operation date and time of the units are determined by the hotel management according to seasonal conditions.
Are you ready for a modern and luxurious vacation with unlimited privileges in Didim?

With large living spaces, fantastic architecture, gourmet restaurants, private pools and playgrounds, Anda Barut Collection is waiting for you to enjoy the attention it pays to make everything at your fingertips.

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