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For a fit vacation experience, we offer creative sports activities at the world-class gyms we have designed.

An energetic and dynamic vacation packed with sports
FITNESS CENTER An energetic and dynamic vacation packed with sports
Experienced trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and creative sports opportunities... At Anda Barut Collection, which offers sports alternatives suitable for and appealing to all ages, you do not need to stop working out on vacation. 582 sqm *sea and pool view - 4 mt. ceiling height - more than 50 weights - 11 cycles - 15 benches - 12 workspaces.
More energy, more sports
Explore the dynamic world of Sports Academy to refresh your energy and keep fit during your vacation. Sports Academy offers various fun sports activities, including yoga, air yoga, pilates, aqua jump, pound stick and trampoline jump.
Break through the limits in sports
The concept "Gym in the Room", which has been developed by adopting an approach aiming to break through the limits in sports, gives you the opportunity to work out in your room whenever you want.
The operation date and time of the units are determined by the hotel management according to seasonal conditions.
Are you ready for a modern and luxurious vacation with unlimited privileges in Didim?

With large living spaces, fantastic architecture, gourmet restaurants, private pools and playgrounds, Anda Barut Collection is waiting for you to enjoy the attention it pays to make everything at your fingertips.

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