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Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake

The Hidden Paradise in the Aegean: Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake, the largest lake in the Aegean Region, is one of the archaeologically and historically most important lakes in Türkiye. Meaning water, Bafa was named after the old name of the area where it is located. On Bafa Lake, there are small islands with churches and monasteries. From the shore of the lake, where you can see olive trees, ducks and herons, you can take a small fishing boat to the islands to explore the lake closely. We highly recommend you to watch the sunset when you visit Bafa Lake. The red sunset in the sky, which also reflects on the sky, offers a unique view. The myth has it that the moonlight is unique because it was where, every night, the moon-goddess Selene met the shepherd she was in love with.

The Ancient City of Heraklia, which was named after the famous mythical hero Hercules, is also located on the shores of Bafa Lake, at the foot of Besarmak Mountains. With a history dating back to the 7th century BC, Heraklia was referred to as a glorious city during the Roman period. The city, which became rich with marine trade, also became a bishopric center during the Byzantine period. Built on rocky, with a different shape on each rock, and rugged lands, the city is surrounded by 65 towers. Located on rocky lands, the Temple of Athena is one of the best-preserved remains in the city. Other remains in the city include the agora, bouleuterion, theater and Endymion Sanctuary.

You can visit Bafa Lake, which is only 25 km from Anda Barut Collection, to enjoy a mystical experience during your vacation in Didim. During your vacation at Anda Barut Collection, in addition to the unique beauties of Didim, you can also enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of Bafa Lake to add new experiences to your vacation.

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