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Temple Of Apollo

Temple of Apollo

The first ancient prophecy center

The Temple of Apollo, one of the most important historical landmarks of Didim, is located in the Ancient City of Didyma. The temple, which was attributed to Apollo, the god of music, art and wisdom, is the second most important prophecy center after Delphi. The temple, which was believed to give the power of prophecy, started to be built in BC 6.

Apollo, who was believed to be a radiant god, has several meanings in Roman mythology. Meaning standing against evil or preventing evil, Apollo was also associated with his grandmother Phoebe.

The myth has it that one day the god Apollo came across Brankhos, a shepherd in Didyma.  He loved him so much and started to teach him the secrets of prophecy.  And the shepherd Brankhos built the first temple for Apollo right beside the bay forest and water source, where the Temple of Apollo is located today. As the time went on, the descendants of Brankhos started to be known as 'Brankhids', and ruled the Temple of Apollo for long years. 

Recognized as the biggest and most magnificent temple in the world by the ancient geographer Strabon, the Temple of Apollo is surrounded by 124 columns in two rows on a platform, which can be climbed by steps on all four sides. The temple is an iconic structure, which dates back to the Ancient Greek and Roman periods and was personally visited by many important rulers of the period, from Alexander the Great, who wanted to gain the grace and guidance of Apollo, to the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

The temple, a candidate to the UNESCO's World Heritage list, is the third largest temple in the world after the Temple of Artemis and the Temple of Heraion. The Temple of Apollo, one of the must-visit places in Didim during your vacation at Anda Barut Collection, is one of the best-preserved ancient temples. In the Temple of Apollo, which is 9 km from Anda Barut Collection, the giant columns and the Statue of Medusa, known as the protector of gods, are both worth seeing.

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