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Didim Tarihçesi

Didim Tarihçesi

A journey to ancient times in the heart of the Aegean

Didim, one of the corners of paradise in the Aegean, has been home to many important civilizations throughout history. The oldest written evidence about the city, also known with the ancient name Didyma, dates back to BC 500. The first traces of settlement in Didim date back to the Neolithic Age (8000 BC). Located in Caria, Didim (Didyma) existed as the "sacred site" of Miletus and then under the rule of the Lycians, Persians, Seleucids, Attalids, Romans, Byzantines and Turks. 

The city came under the rule of Turks in the 1280s and Ottoman in 1413, and then existed as a small Greek village until the foundation of Republic of Türkiye. It was called "Yeronda - Yoran" during the Ottoman Empire.

As it served as a sacred site, rather than a city, numerous temples and monasteries were built in Didim. Having been told in myths for its magnificent ancient cities and temples, the district is surrounded by a number of historical sites, including the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient City of Didyma, the Ancient City of Miletus, the Ancient City of Priene, the Ancient City of Herakleia, and the Ancient City of Myus. You can include these historical sites, which welcome thousands of visitors from many cities of the world, in your travel bucket list to explore during your vacation in Didim.

Didim, which has a unique nature, is famous not only for its historical beauties but also for its golden beaches. During your vacation in Didim, you can enjoy the sea in Altinkum Beach, Sakli Island, Akbuk Beach, Cennet Bay and Didim Manastir Bay.

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